(12 CASE) MaxPro Contact Cleaner, 4-ounce

(12 CASE) MaxPro Contact Cleaner, 4-ounce
Item# AVX-2053-UG

MaxPro 4-ounce contact cleaner is fast drying, leaves no residue and can be safely applied to plastic, rubber and metal.  Product is non-conductive and easily removes oil, grease and dirt.

Recommended for contacts, automotive electronics, audio tape/disks heads, VCRs, video tape/disk heads, printed circuit boards, TVs, watches, musical instruments, telephones, cellular phones, beepers, magnetic tape/disk heads, tuners, camcorders, radios, audio equipment and A/V mixer boards.  Made in USA.    Material safety data sheet

Available in 4-ounce or 11-ounce can.  Not for sale to California

Sold in case quantities of 12 only.